As the esports industry grows around the globe, viewers are able to see tons of amazing competitive moments, including incredible comebacks. When one of the teams loses and the spectators are sure that it has no chance of winning the match, they often witness stunning turns of events. In our new article, we have focused on five such incredible occasions that have shocked millions of esports fans.

Evil Geniuses vs. Ehome (DOTA 2)

When these two teams met during The International 6 mainstage, most experienced players and analysts were convinced that EG were the favorites. However, contrary to this prediction, Ehome had much better map control and managed to destroy all of EG's buildings except the Ancient. In other words, Evil Geniuses had to face the mega-creeps in order to beat Ehome and win the match. Although no other team was up to such a challenge at this stage of the tournament, EG capitalized on Ehome's several mistakes and finished the game as winners.

SK Gaming vs. Fnatic (League of Legends)

This match, which took place at IEM Katowice 2013, turned out to be one of the most impressive games in League of Legends history. SK Gaming should have triumphantly finished this match with a victory after a superb teamfight at their base. But instead, they saw how Fnatic's xPeke, who survived the previous battle, crushed their hopes of winning. He took advantage of the mobility of his character, Kassadin, to get to the SK Gaming base and destroy its Nexus through backdoor protection.

Luminosity Gaming vs. Team Liquid (CS: GO)

Spectators who watched MLG CS Majors in 2016 were sure that Team Liquid was the favorite before the semi-final match. And for the most part, they were right as Liquid took the lead with a 15-9 score on the first map and was on its way to victory. To pull out the comeback, Luminosity Gaming needed to make one extraordinary push and improve its in-game economy. Thanks to the efforts of its AWP expert Coldzera, who made 4 amazing frags, Luminosity managed to win the decisive round and get enough money to turn the tide of the game.

OG vs. Paris LGD (DOTA 2)

This comeback took place in the Grand Final of The International 8, which makes it even more mind-blowing. Paris LGD started the final best-of-five series extremely well and dominated OG with a 2-1 score. Moreover, LGD demonstrated excellent teamplay in the fourth match, and few believed that OG had any chances to win this game and even the score. But instead of giving up and leaving the tournament in second place, these guys made a huge comeback in Game 4 and finished with a tremendous win in Game 5. This allowed OG to become the only team ever to win The International two years in a row. And since these tournaments had the largest prize pools in history at that time, all five members of the team top the list of the richest esports players.

MKLeo vs. Tweek (Smash Bros. Ultimate)

To get to the Grand Finals of the Evo 2019, MKLeo had to defeat numerous skillful opponents in the Losers Bracket. However, the last best-of-five series has prepared more serious challenges for him. Tweek, who was considered the favorite, won the first two matches and was ready to take the main prize. But MKLeo showed amazing resilience and won the next three battles, which shocked everyone who watched this epic event.

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