One of the great challenges for casinos is providing surveillance for large indoor areas (e.g., gaming floors) successfully yet efficiently in terms of costs and personnel. Operators and staffing budgets are most often overstretched, and infrastructure and IT administration costs must be considered. But typically, the results fall short of expectations regarding image quality, overview, and achievement of objectives. The Panomera W8 camera from German video technology manufacturer Dallmeier addresses these issues.

The Panomera W8 camera combines images from eight sensors and offers a high-resolution distortion-free 360° overview image of a very large area on just one screen. Another unique feature is that any number of operators can zoom into a scene at the same time, but the overview image is always retained both live and in the recording. In this way, the camera guarantees that no valuable information or evidence is lost. The cameras even display the area directly below the camera in high resolution, eliminating the disadvantage of a “blind spot” seen with many other 360° cameras.

This stands in stark contrast to PTZ camera-only based solutions omnipresent in casino environments. First, PTZ cameras reduce the observed events to the section selected by the operator. Second, large spatial contexts become increasingly unclear the higher the zoom factor, and everything outside the “PTZ zoom” escapes the recording and is thus not available for exploitation in court.

Apart from the improved objective security, there is another decisive reason for the IT decision-maker to consider Dallmeier Panomera W8 systems- significantly fewer cameras. This is evident even at a higher price per camera which means significantly less infrastructure, fewer ports, fewer cables, less installation effort, less maintenance, less vulnerability to malfunctions and attempted attacks.

Hendrik Strauss, Resort Security/Surveillance Manager, Sun City Casino, said: “Thanks to the Dallmeier Panomera W8 camera, we need considerably fewer camera systems on the gaming floor. Each camera offers a unique, dewarped 360° overview. In the overview, an unlimited number of detailed views can be opened with a mouse click. This helps us massively improve our response times, and track incidents and persons of interest more efficiently and reliably.”

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