As the North Carolina lawmakers are considering pro at contra options for the legalization of new casinos in the state, NC Development Holdings, a company connected to a casino developer, is seeking for the land status conversion in the Rockingham County. The company reportedly registered at the same address as the gaming developer The Cordish Cos. is seeking to rezone 192 acres in the home of the state’s most powerful legislators.

Land Designation Change Request:

According to WRAL News, NC Development Holdings asked last month to change the permitted residential/agricultural purpose of 192 acres of land in the Rockingham County into the status that would allow a wide range of commercial uses. The NC Development representatives reportedly exercised their right to remain sustained about the plans for the land.

Lobbying General Assembly:

But some company’s submissions to the state made during the last month’s registration of the company in North Carolina that included the head of the Cordish casino division as the contact for NC Development Holdings incited rumors that a casino will be built in the area. The adjacent landowners are reportedly firmly against such a prospective development, but the fact that the company registered four lobbyists this year at the state’s General Assembly may mean that whatever the company plans to do, it is making sure to support its plans.

Rezoning Request Consideration:

The land rezoning requests seems like the first step of the process. According to WRAL News, the NC Development was before the Rockingham competent authorities. The company’s lawyer Will Quick said:  “We are at this point considering, on behalf of my client, NC Development Holdings, any particular use that may be appropriate in the highway commercial district.” 

The matter is now reportedly handled by the Rockingham County Commission. As reported by CBS17,Mark Richardson from the Rockingham County Board of Commissioners expects that the rezoning issue will be considered on August 21, 2023.

$259 Million Revenue Leakage:

As the General Assembly is currently set to decide on the legalization of multiple new casinos, the proponent legislators argue that the lack of the respective bill reportedly makes North Carolina leaking around $259 million of annual gross gaming revenue to Virginia. But Senate Republican Leader Phil Berger reportedly said that there is ”better than a 50-50 chance” for the bill to pass the legislature still this summer.

$1.6 Billion Potential:

There are three casinos in North Carolina at the moment. As reported, a recent analysis conducted by Spectrum Gaming considered the state’s potential of adding three more casinos in Rockingham, Anson and Nash counties. The study reportedly anticipated that the legalization process for the three new casinos would bring the additional revenue of $1.6 billion in the state.

The state authorities decision on the NC Developments rezoning request expected on August 21, 2023 may testify about the wider legislators’ opinion on legalized gambling and its future prospects in North Carolina.

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