From Panhellenic games and gladiator matches, betting has always been following major sports. There is always a pool of people who want to get both the thrill of watching the game and guessing the winner and profiting from it — and there is always someone who is willing to help them with that.

In the last decade, eSports transformed from the weird hobby of introverted teenagers who like to play computer games to the professional field with all the regulations, internal knowledge, and recognition. And eSports boomed as well, especially when the Covid-19 pandemic hit locking millions of people at home and bringing traditional sports life to a halt. There is also an investment factor that allows bookmakers to make better offers and more profitable bets. Deals between players and playing teams created additional opportunities for them, bookmakers, and bettors as well.

Esports celebrities can connect with their fans in more ways and explore more ideas which is quite an important factor in the industry where viewers follow their favorite players not necessarily the closest or national. Bookmakers are able to engage more of the valuable audience, and the latter audience gets better offers and better content to enjoy.

Betting on eSports Has Never Been So Diverse and Attractive

The benefits of eSports betting

  • Variety. Whatever your taste in computer games is, eSports always has what to offer you. Different game genres, different worldbuilding, different playing style — famous eSports titles vary from CS:GO to Tekken;
  • Volume. Unlike traditional sports, cybersport never sleeps. There is always an event or tournament for you to bet on. And multiple betting increases your chances to win;
  • Good odds and safety. If you choose the right, legal, and trusted bookmaker, your chances of winning the bet go higher;
  • You choose the amount of money to spend. Although there are bookmakers who require a minimum deposit, the limit of your bet can be as low as you choose. Remember that you are the only person to be in control of your budget as you statistically can win all the bets you make;
  • Your enjoyment. Even if you follow the game strictly for betting, it still can be quite thrilling and entertaining to watch the playing process. And if you risked betting on an underdog, nothing compares to a feeling when they suddenly turn the odds and win;
  • The betting process is quite easy. A few basics to know, often offered by the bookmakers themselves, are all you need to start playing;
  • Potential profits. Sponsorships and advertisements allow the bookmakers to offer better prize money, and also make special offers dedicated to gaming events, such as tournaments and championships.

How to choose a bookmaker for eSports?

It is easy to feel lost in the multitude of bookmakers to choose from, so we prepared for you a summary of recommendations you can find on the topic:

  1. Look at the betting coefficients they offer to you, and compare them to other sites. It will be easy to find a reasonable offer that will affect the sum of your prize;
  2. Availability of different disciplines to bet on;
  3. Ethics is important, too: choosing a bookmaker that supports cybersport as it is still a developing industry will probably be a good call to make;
  4. And bookmaker’s bonuses linked to the cybersports events are not only a sign of support to the industry but also an opportunity for you;
  5. Before betting, check the way you will withdraw your money. It should be safe, legal, quick, and convenient for you;
  6. A reliable and simple way to register, verify and protect your account. It should be well-protected from hacking and accessible in case you forget the password;
  7. The general image of the bookmaker. It is easy to check online: just go through the reviews where people talk about the helpfulness of the technical support, the ease of playing, and other such things;
  8. The convenience and safety of funding your account;
  9. The bookmaker’s website should be adaptive and load without glitches on any device, full integration with international payment systems is also an important thing.

GGBet: a bookmaker to check

Betting on eSports Has Never Been So Diverse and Attractive

When starting your path of profiting off eSports, take a quick look at the GGBet betting site. This platform was created by a team of gaming professionals eager to make an online space where it will be both comfortable and safe to bet. The eSports section includes coverage of all the major events for betting, a nice range of payment options, free streams, an easy withdrawal process, and a variety of gaming disciplines, such as Dota 2, LoL, CS:GO, PUBG, CoD, etc.

GGBet has always been the best bookmaker for betting on online games. They often partner with famous teams and tournaments. By the way, the company itself conducts eSports tournaments, which are not inferior in quality to competitions from famous organizers. So, betting on this site, be sure that you are completely safe from the professionals!

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