Recently, the National Football League (NFL) voted to keep physical sportsbooks open on game days.

This will benefit all states with legalised sports betting, with 17 of the, possessing NFL franchises.

One of these states, the Washington Commanders, has a sportsbook physically inside the stadium.

Caleb Tallman of WSN said: “Monday night’s vote, which saw the change in physical sportsbooks being able to operate on game day, is certainly a huge win for the industry, more so in regards to the growing consensus for legalised sports betting in the US than of any financial gain.

“What’s significant about this vote is that it is being underpinned by one of the biggest sporting leagues in the world, which plays a pivotal role in helping expand its acceptance and demand across states where jurisdiction remains against it.

“States home to some of the biggest and most popular sports teams, like the Dallas Cowboys in Texas, are areas which could offer an array of opportunities for the sports betting community and currently remain against the legalisation.”

In April 2021, the NFL made its first-ever sportsbook partnerships with Caesars Entertainment, DraftKings and FanDuel.

Tallman continued: “So, when major sporting leagues, like the NFL, vote in favour of making sports betting more accessible, we can regard that as a big win and another step closer to greater state-wide acceptance.

“While the industry will reap some financial benefits in allowing physical sport betting on game day, most NFL betting will likely remain online.

“This vote is much more symbolic and representative of the bigger shift towards major sports leagues embracing legalised sports betting in the US, which will in turn help to open the doors to more lucrative opportunities in the future.”

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