The gambling business is considered one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide. It does not mean, however, that absolutely all countries follow this trend and allow their citizens to risk their money. Many countries where gambling is illegal are implementing numerous regulations to control this industry and capitalize on it, and today we will discuss ten states that adhere to this policy.


10 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal in 2022

This country’s government approaches the regulation of gambling in a rather cunning way. It banned all the most common forms of gambling entertainment due to the growing "epidemic" of gambling addiction back in 1996. However, if you want to gamble here, you can do it through national lotteries. In addition, there are various land-based casinos located between checkpoints on the borders with neighboring states. These establishments allow corrupt authorities to earn money from bribes and allow residents of other countries to play Cambodia's casinos without crossing the border.


10 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal in 2022

Being a pretty restrictive country in terms of legislation, Singapore treats gambling activities quite strictly. While you can wager your money at casinos that are part of the complex resort facilities, any form of public gambling is not available to you here. Instead, you can risk your money socially against your friends at home. Also, it is worth noting that players can use the services of Singapore Pools, a company that monopolizes the country's lottery market.

United Arab Emirates

10 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal in 2022

Our list of countries where gambling is illegal would not be complete without this Islamic state.  Even though this country is known for its super-futuristic metropolises and resorts, you will not find luxury gambling establishments here. Those attempting to organize or participate in gambling games face up to AED20 000 fines or up to 2 years in prison. But even despite such serious consequences for land-based gambling, you can count on online wagering. Like many other countries, the UAE does not have significant regulations for remote gambling. Therefore, you can visit offshore online casinos and betting platforms without legal problems.

North Korea

10 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal in 2022

This country is well known for its incredibly strict laws, so it is not surprising that its inhabitants cannot gamble. And this ban is valid both for land-based venues and for online casinos or betting platforms. On the other hand, the North Korean authorities understand that real money games can help the country's economy. With this in mind, they allow tourists to enjoy gambling entertainment at the Imperial Hotel & Casino and Pyongyang Casino.


10 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal in 2022

This high-tech country is surely a popular tourist destination. However, it will not be able to offer you a wide range of gambling activities. Locals and the state's guests will be able to risk their money through lottery draws, scratch cards, and several types of betting. The government allows betting on bicycle racing, horseracing, asphalt speedway motorcycle racing, and powerboat racing. Besides that, it is worth mentioning the popularity of pachinko machines that allow players to win valuable prizes thanks to their skills.


10 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal in 2022

Any list of countries where online gambling is illegal must include this West Asian state. Moreover, other gambling formats such as land-based casinos, bingo venues, lottery draws, and betting are also prohibited here. If local authorities discover that you are playing for real money, you will face serious litigation. It is worth highlighting that Qatar residents can access offshore gambling sites through VPN services. However, such risky actions can also lead to significant legal consequences.


10 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal in 2022

Although Poland did not get rid of gambling completely after the 2009 political scandal, the country treats this industry extremely restrictively. When it comes to online gambling, the government has monopolized this market through the Totalizator Sportowy sp z o.o. company. It offers players not only online casino games but also slot machine parlors. There is also a limit on the total number of land-based casinos and bingo venues in the country. And on top of that, you are unlikely to want to play on the sites of foreign gambling operators here, as this will have legal implications.


10 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal in 2022

This country also applies a restrictive policy to gambling entertainment. Lebanon allows residents to gamble through state-owned companies that offer both land-based and online gambling activities. If you are interested in casino games, you should head to the Casino du Liban, which offers all guests over 500 slot machines and 60 tables for card games and other popular games of chance. Additionally, you will also be able to participate in lottery draws through Libanaise des Jeux, which monopolizes this segment of the gambling market.


10 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal in 2022

This state imposes serious restrictions on gambling leisure but you can still find opportunities to play for real money in this country. If you visit Melco Cyprus Resort, you can try your luck at all the traditional types of gambling casinos. But keep in mind that online gambling is even more regulated in Cyprus, and you will be able to wager your money remotely through sports betting platforms only.


10 Countries Where Gambling is Illegal in 2022

Since we are talking about yet another Islamic state, it comes as no surprise that Brunei treats any form of gambling extremely critically. According to the Common Gaming Houses Act, none of the country's residents or visitors may be involved in any gambling activities. And this is true not only for online casinos and other web platforms but also for land-based wagering. Anyone who decides to use the services of offshore iGaming sites in this territory should understand that these actions may have legal consequences.


Despite the global spread of the gambling industry, many countries have a deeply restrictive approach to this market. The states on our list put a lot of effort into making gambling as safe as possible for their residents and getting the most out of it. So, if you want to risk your money in one of these countries, you must consider all the legal factors that can turn your gambling adventure into the most unpleasant gaming experience you have ever had.

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